GT Road FM is an online radio station that provides entertaining content to listeners around the world in a fashion that does not include any interruptive commercials. We developed this to provide a unique opportunity to our users to not have to be subject to a constant stream of dull ads that take away from their overall enjoyment of radio.

We focus on crafting content that is appealing to all ages and backgrounds that is based on the culture of the motherland and Indo- NRIs that are offered around the globe. Our station is solely operated and funded by us which allows us to have independent content not bound to restrictions based by a higher influence. This allows us to always provide unbiased content that is for the benefit of the public.

Born and raised for most of his young life in India, Pawitter Parmar ended up moving to Canada in 1986 along with his family at the age of 13. He always had a strong interest in TV and film which inspired him to attend college in a digital broadcasting program, setting the foundation for his occupation later in life. This education allowed him to be involved with several video productions in Canada and India, formulating an experience that enabled the enhancement of his skills and expertise.In 2008, wanting to instill culture and provide private education to his children

Parmar decided to move back to his home of India in the city of Chandigarh! Back in the motherland, he was able to see the differences between the cultures here and in Canada in addition to his homeland’s shift from traditional culture which inspired him to develop an Indo-NRI radio station to bridge the gap, establishing a source of entertainment for the culture, by the culture.


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GT Road FM (Studio)

Phase 8A,Plot #545

Mohali,Punjab. (Chandighar) 160055